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Let us welcome you to Basstenders, an inspired DJ group formed by a few young DJs/Performers from North California region. We are carrying the mission to bring the best music and experience to local weddings, parties and events.  Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, bar mitzvah, or any event involving music, you can count on us to guarantee it will be one that your guests won’t soon forget. We've always had a passion in music and ended up becoming fascinated with mixing tracks in our free time, soon turning into a full time gig as professional Weddings & Events DJs/Performers.  Since starting out, Basstenders have had the opportunity to work with many amazing clients and gain invaluable experience. Feel free to contact us regarding our rates and available dates. We can assure that you won’t regret working with us.

The Original Basstenders



Tri Nguyen is also known as DJ T.R.I.  One of the early founders of the Basstenders.  He is a managing and developing visionary of the Basstender brand.  The most musically passionated DJ/Performer of the OBs.


Quan Ky Au is also known as AU, the youngest founder of the Basstenders.  He's a production and networking specialist of the Basstenders brand.  The most technical inspired DJ/Performer of the OBs.




Dai Nguyen is also known as DJ Duces, the last founder of the Basstenders.  He is the most unique DJ/Performer when it comes to musical style.  Duces always bring the energy when he is behind the deck.

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